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We work on all types of mechanical problems such as minor and major engine repairs, heater problems, air conditioning, major and minor transmission issues, power steering issues, brakes, suspension, etc. If your vehicle has mechanical problems and is neglected, it is unsafe to drive and should be brought in. Regular check ups help to ensure there are no mechanical problems, so your vehicle will be safe and in great running order.

Mechanic Gear


Electrical problems can effect the safety of your vehicle as well with issues such as fuses, batteries, alternator, fusible link, faulty switch, etc. Piston Pete's uses the latest in computer technology to insure the problem is found and taken care of properly.

Mechanic Gear


We handle all types of repairs including brakes, running issues, water pumps, timing belts, starting issues, ABS lights, suspension, belts, traction control lights, transmission problems, electrical issues, check engine lights, your everyday oil changes, and regular fluid maintenance.

Mechanic Gear

A modified car consists of many components such as car tuning, replacing the factory issued wheels with aftermarket ones, lowering the suspension of your car to give it a more aerodynamic, stable look, replacing the existing factory exhaust system with a performance exhaust for better sound and performance gains. Any additional modifications to a car could involve adding different bumpers, grills, and/or increasing the engine performance with upgraded components, such as high-flow air intake systems, downpipes, intercoolers, turbocharger kit, pro charger kit, nitrous injection, and upgraded fuel system for more flow.

Mechanic Gear
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